Welcome to the wedding website of Charlie and Heather Wood!  We’re so excited you’re here, and look forward to you sharing our joy on our wedding day.  Our wedding is technically a vow renewal ceremony as March 25th, 2017 is officially our 7th wedding anniversary.  We’ve never had a wedding and feel it’s high time!

This is where you’ll find all of your up-to-date and need-to-know information.  This is also where you will RSVP that you’re coming!

If you only know one of us, please check out the “Bridal Blog” and “Wedding Party” section to learn a little more about the individuals in our party.  We also have an “our story” page if you can take the cheesy sappiness of the story that makes us… well… us.  And for those who are only coming for the free food and booze, find out how long and the series of events in the “Ceremony”, “Itinerary and Activities” and “Menu” pages.  “FAQ’s” are there for questions that go unanswered and of course, there’s always the telephone and facebook- both under “Contact Us” if you desperately need an answer to anything we haven’t covered here.  Don’t forget to RSVP!